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Our Programs

JSA has many programs that focuses on training male youth/boys in Values, Goal Setting, Leadership, Life Skills, Agribusiness, etc. to make a difference in the lives of women, children and youth in fulfilment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5, 8 & 10.




(Courtesy and social etiquette)




(Godly Values, Goal Setting, Leadership & Relationship Building, Work Ethic and more.)



(Craft Mastery, Talent Development, Entrepreneurship and Social Impact). 




for boys with low self-confidence.




JSA Fundraiser Yummies and Crafts Sale (Jan-Dec):
Monthly exhibition and sale of JSA Fundraiser Yummies and Crafts at local fairs to boost confidence and marketing skills in boys and encourage agribusiness and creativity to grow our economy whiles raising funds to support JSA Charity projects.

JSA Phenomenal Abrantie Conference & School Clubs Launch (March):
Conference for Grade 6 boys nearing adolescence/puberty to identify and solve issues of identity crisis before they enter Junior High School. Launch of Bi-weekly Boy’s School clubs to provide counselling, and mentorship and life skills training.

JSA Pre-teen Counselling Camp (Boys & Girls) (April):
Mixed gender camp to provide counselling for pre-teens and equip them with knowledge on the dos’ and donts’ prior to their teen years. Lessons on coexisting with each other and barriers/boundaries to know for both genders.

JSA Young Change Makers Expo 2020 (April):
Expo to inspire behaviour change and promote social entrepreneurship among young children with the display and exhibition of innovative products made from recycled plastic, paper, agricultural products and other eco-friendly materials.

JSA Father’s Day Commemoration 2020 (Fathers Matter Edition 2) (June):
TV Production to celebrate fatherhood and highlight the need to promote responsible fatherhood in society. Fathers will share their experiences and challenges to inspire others.

JSA Phenomenal Abrantie Show & Awards (July):
Exhibition show for young boys in the Phenomenal Abrantie Clubs to unearth creativity, showcase life skills and promote advocacy/philanthropy for women/girls among young boys. Promoting value addition to our local agricultural products.

JSA Future Men Bootcamp & Agribusiness Internship (August):
Transformative bootcamp dedicated to raising boys to become responsible future men through personal self-discovery and goal setting for the acquisition of values, leadership skills, communication skills, work ethics, agribusiness training, social etiquette, project management training, advocacy, etc.

JSA Boys SDG 4 Project 2020 (Launch) (August):
Launch of annual Boys SDG 4 Project to elevate rural girls and youth through self-leadership and goal setting at Somnyamekodur D/A Basic School in Twifo Hemang, Central Region.

JSA Boys SDG 4 Project:
Humanitarian projects undertaken by JSA Boys to solve issues affecting the less privileged in society in fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Current project being undertaken to elevate rural girls and youth in Somnyamekodur D/A Basic School in the Twifo Hemang District of the Central Region.

JSA 5th Anniversary Celebration (21st September):
To celebrate 5 years of raising boys’ right in Ghana to become the responsible future men we desire to see in our continent and beyond.
JSA International Men’s Day Commemoration 2020 (19th November):
Seminar for men in corporate Ghana to raise concerns about the silent issues affecting men in Ghana and to recognize and celebrate the contributions of men in our society.

JSA Phenomenal Abrantie Peace & Love Choral Contest (Prayer, Praise, Poetry) (November):
Young Boys in Phenomenal Abrantie clubs advocating for peace during 2020 elections through prayers, praise and poetry.