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JSA Teen Boys Seminars

The JSA Teen Boys Seminars is a quarterly breakfast meeting designed to provide mentorship, counselling, grooming and inspiration for teen boys aged between 13 to 18 years. Personal development and life coaches will be on board to share their life stories, offer inspiration and mentor the boys. Through tete-a-tete sessions, they will also offer counsel and answer sensitive questions from the boys on some of the problems they encounter in their daily lives whiles growing up as 21st-century male youth.

JSA is taking the young ambassadors on a personal development journey. The boys will be guided to develop a 10-year development plan to help them in achieving their goals and ambitions. Temperaments test and SWOT Analysis will also be conducted to enable them to discover their purpose and self-identity.
Teen boys will be educated about their responsibilities in society and groomed to play their protective role as future men in our society. They will be taught Godly Values, Emotional Maturity, Social & Survival Skills, Networking & Negotiation Skills and Behaviour Change Advocacy.
Coaches will have open and informal chats with them on sensitive topics such as; sex education, mental health, healthy eating habits, body hygiene, substance abuse, peer influence etc. to address emerging crises facing 21st-century teen boys.

Through their quarterly interactions with a variety of career mentors and coaches, the boys will gain soft skills that will shape their overall upbringing and be taught leadership conduct, styles and strategies to enable them to develop a mindset that prepares them for leadership. The boys will be well groomed and mentored to enable them to become responsible and well-rounded adults. They will be able to voice out their problems freely to receive the right counsel. They will be empowered to become Behavioural Change Agents in their immediate environments to enable them to solve the little problems around them.

Aside formal education, 21st-century teen boys also require value-added education in the form of personal development training, mentoring and counselling to enable them to seek solutions to their problems to improve their general well-being and to achieve their full potential.