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JSA Boys To Men Show

We are glad to present the JSA Boys To Men Voyage Show; a weekly interactive show to address the silent struggles of young African boys such as:

  1. Fatherly Absence which causes imbalanced masculine energy among boys. Statistics reveal that 43% of young boys are raised by single mothers, 78% of teachers are female, so close to 50% of boys have 100% of female influence at home and 80% female influence at school. Toxic Masculinity isn’t the problem at all. The lack of masculinity is.
  2. Lack of emotional support and the myth about boys and men not supposed to cry or show emotion which is leading to depression and suicide among younger males in recent times.
  3. Academic & learning difficulties leading to low interest in school.
  4. Skilled boys feeling less appreciated than other siblings doing better academically.
  5. Verbal & physical abuse by some parents leading to violent behaviour in boys. An abused boy will naturally become an abuser too.
  6. Low self-esteem and social incompatibility leading to men who are not fit for purpose in careers, leadership, marriages and fatherhood.

Our knowledgeable panelists; Joshua, Daniel and Bryan who are finalists of the just ended JSA Phenomenal Abrantie Academy will join Ethel Marfo (JSA Founder) every week to address letters sent in by struggling African boys across the world who are going through various problems that require guidance. Occasionally, psychologists and experienced counsellors will be brought in to diagnose these issues to assist our brothers in need.

There will also be a “Spotlight of the Week Segment” on the Show to showcase and celebrate young boys with unique talents and gifted hands. Every week, there will be a guest panelist on this segment who will display their talents and talk about their inspiration to motivate other boys out there and to also urge parents to appreciate the non-academic talents of their children.

It promises to be an educative show for both parents and boys and will be live on Facebook – Junior Shapers Africa every Friday at 7:00pm and also broadcast later on our YouTube Channel – Junior Shapers Africa TV.

The show is also targeted at Parents and guardians to enable them pay equal attention to the emotions of boys and their training alongside girls to eliminate gender stereotypes and to ensure that society as a whole starts raising boys’ right and addressing their struggles.

With this show, we are also creating more awareness for institutions, governments, schools, corporate entities, the media, individuals and other civil society organizations to pay particular attention to the silent struggles of boys so we can collectively make practical improvements in boy’s health and well-being to address these struggles that they face.

For so long society has only been “schooling boys” and not raising them right enough to become responsible for their actions, find their purpose, and complement the empowered future woman. The lack of confidence and sense of direction among some of our young men is leading to mental frustration which in turn breeds violence against women and children. The total liberation of women and girls lies in raising confident sons and empowering pro- feminist males thus the inclusion of our young males is very relevant in achieving a gender equal world for all.

On turning 5 years this year, JSA is determined to address the silent struggles of our young African boys through various platforms and strategies including this show. JSA is totally dedicated to offering young boys the positive masculine guidance they need to enable them become responsible men in our society who will respect, protect and provide equal opportunities to future women and girls in our society.