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As part of our activities for the year, we are set to hold a New Year Networking Event for Ghanaian boys here in Ghana and African Boys residing in the United Kingdom. The event will be held virtually on video conferencing app Zoom on Friday 15th January, 2021 at 7:00pm and it is to bring the boys together to prepare them for the New Year ahead.

The boys will be inspired and offered some nuggets of advice and motivation to usher them back to school. The event will also be an opportunity for JSA to introduce the Boys To Men Voyage Program lined for the year to the boys targeted at taking their personal development to the next level. This year, JSA is taking the program to the next level and Boys will be receiving training and coaching all year round in values, etiquette, goal setting, leadership, civic education, life skills, purpose discovery, craft mastery, social entrepreneurship, etc.

The program will improve their character development and provide them with relevant life skills, knowledge, ideas and resources that will enable them become responsible purpose driven men in society and also empower them and increase their capacity to give back to their society.

As boys from all over the world return back to school this New Year, JSA wishes everyone a very fruitful 2021 filled with God’s blessings, guidance and protection.

Let us stay resilient in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to adhere to all the safety measures and protocols as we go about our activities throughout this New Year.

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