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Junior Shapers Africa is pleased to officially present The JSA Young Change Makers Show; our maiden YouTube Channel Show to showcase creativity and life skills. JSA will be keeping our Ambassadors busy and engaged with their hands as we wait for the resolution of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

With our children currently involved with online school work, we would like to use the opportunity to introduce this unique and educative activity to assist them on their self-discovery journey through Life Skills, Agro-Skills and Waste Management Skills. The home is the first point for education for every child and with the help and supervision of parents currently at home, JSA is poised to make the best use of this lockdown period by engaging our future leaders in a variety of life skills in the coming weeks.

It’s the lockdown happy-moments-for-happy-people competition. We expect the very best from our Pre-teen ambassadors as they get creative with simple ingredients/items they can find at home such as fruits, veggies, toasts, cereals, milk, paper, wood, plastic, etc. with no fire involved.

Every week we will share a different activity for our young Pre-teen ambassadors to undertake which will be recorded by parents and sent back to JSA to be featured on the show. The Executive Council of JSA will judge and give remarks to encourage each ambassador.
All entries will be compiled and be featured every Sunday evening on our YouTube channel and also shared on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram).

Participating in this will enable your child develop and build their confidence, presentation skills, communication skills, organisational skills, personal branding skills, problem solving skills, leadership skills and critical thinking skills through our weekly activities which will come in handy for them in future.

This weekly YouTube Show will be a preview for our JSA Young Change Makers Expo which is scheduled to come off after the resolution of the Covid-19 crisis. The Expo will be an exhibition show for our Pre-teen ambassadors to create and display their best work from scratch. They will also share the inspiration behind their work and judges will be on board to judge and award prizes for outstanding work after which the items will be auctioned.
Parents what are you waiting for? Get your Pre-teens (4-12 year olds) involved, contact JSA on +233 244 605 206 (Mrs. Ethel Marfo) to find out how your child can participate and follow our social media pages for weekly projects.

Happy Easter to You All and May the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ bring us renewed hope and strength during these trying times. Let us all continue to observe the necessary protocols and safety guidelines to combat the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

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