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On Friday 22nd November 2019, Junior Shapers Africa in Collaboration with Launchpad Training Center held its annual men’s day celebration at the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) Head Office in Accra, Ghana.
The event is meant to commemorate International Men’s Day which is marked on 19th November annually.

The fruitful one-hour durbar to educate FDA men about male vulnerabilities, how to speak up and access help was facilitated by Mr. Richard Akita, a certified personal development coach, an author, radio show host of “Unmasking Manhood” on 3fm and the founder of Launchpad Training Center.
In an interview with Modern Ghana, Mrs. Ethel Marfo the Founding Director of Junior Shapers Africa; non-profit advocacy dedicated to raising responsible future men, she petitioned the United Nations (UN) to pay equal attention to the needs and challenges of men as was done for women and girls;”It is rather de-motivating to find that International Men’s Day is not recognized globally by the United Nations. We are appealing to the UN to acknowledge International Men’s Day universally and to include it in their annual International Day observances calendar”.

It does not also augur well that currently, International Men’s Day shares the spotlight with another UN observance (World Toilet Day), unlike other significant UN days which stand alone during their celebrations such as International Women’s Day, Children’s Day, International Day of the Girl Child, among others.
In our capacity as a male-focused organisation, we would like to see a sole UN day dedicated to the celebration and well-being of men and boys in society to serve as a motivation for the future generation of men. The theme for this year’s International Men’s Day was “Making a Difference for Men and Boys,” and we hope that difference can be made for our men and boys especially in this regard by bestowing a sole UN day to celebrate and acknowledge their impact in the world.

“We are also appealing to the United Nations (UN) and all other bodies involved to review November 19th, the date associated with both international Men’s Day and World Toilet Day. We are calling for the separation of these two important commemorations in our society in order not to downgrade the importance of the other.”

International Men’s Day has been celebrated worldwide over the years to highlight discrimination against men and to celebrate their achievements and contributions, particularly towards community, family, marriage, and childcare.
“Our focus should be on promoting the need to value men and boys in society and to help people make practical improvements in men’s and boy’s health and well-being. The future generation of men are watching and it will be inspiring for young boys growing up to see men celebrated universally as they aspire to do more”.

…Let us give men in society the spotlight they deserve. Let us be the change and hope for the future, the hope for our sons and boys. Let’s Recognize International Men’s Day Universally. Let International Men’s Day Stand Alone”.
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