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This month’s JSA Behaviour Excellence Clinic was held on 3rd March, 2019. Ambassadors were warmly welcomed by their coaches at the various levels as they submitted their assignments for the month. Next was the discussion of the monthly topics at the various levels.

Foundation Level.

The monthly topic for discussion at the Foundation level was “Social Impact” facilitated by Uncle Nii. Ambassadors were taken through the reasons why it is important to offer support to one’s society/ community as well as how they can make a social impact in their own small ways as children.

Intermediate Level.

The intermediate level was facilitated by Uncle Quojo Baydu. They discussed “Dealing with Failure or Defeat as a Leader”. Ambassadors were equipped with effective tips a leader can use to survive when they are faced with defeat or failure in their endeavours.

Maturity Level.

The Maturity level was facilitated by Uncle Joojo Bediako. The topic was “Business Relationships (employer-employee, customer-client, landlord-tenant relationships)”.  Ambassadors were equipped with effective tips that can ensure productive relationship between business partners.

Parents Session.

Aunty Uzoma Tetteh facilitated the parents’ session. They discussed Social Impact for their children and the little ways their children can offer support to society. They also discussed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) into detail.

Group Project.

Next was our usual categorization into the 5 Value Groups; Integrity, Forward Thinking, Self-Worth, Personal Growth, and Sense of Ownership. This month, we had representatives from UNDP Ghana make a presentation to Ambassadors about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). They spoke extensively about the goals and offered insight about the need to achieve these goals. Each group will select one goal and develop a project for implementation in subsequent meetings. Prior to the session with UNDP, we had a Spelling contest using key words from the SDGs to increase awareness. At the end of the contest, Forward Thinking, Sense of Ownership and Self-Worth were tied for 1st place after their representatives spelled all their words correctly after 3 rounds.

Afterwards, representatives from each group shared what they had learnt about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The closing prayer was then said and refreshments were served to bring the March edition of the JSA Behaviour Excellence Clinic to a close.

In attendance at the day’s clinic were 55 Ambassadors, representing 37 boys and 18 girls respectively. The next edition is scheduled for Sunday, 7th April, 2019.

Thank you to the JSA team, parents, ambassadors, partners, sponsors, guests and all well-wishers for your support to make the March Behaviour Excellence Clinic a success.

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