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Who we are

 Ghana's foremost male child personal development initiative.

Since December 2015, JSA has been leading the Raising Boys Right advocacy to move our continent forward through character development, career guidance and craft mastery.

JSA is a multi-award winning organisation acknowledged by the (Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana) 2016 CIMG Best Social Entrepreneurship and Activism award as well as the Neogenics EduCom Ghana awards for Value Added Education in 2018.

Currently, JSA has impacted over 7000  African boys through our vacation boot camps and virtual coaching sessions. JSA launched Boys To Men Voyage Club in 2020 with a long-term vision to track the progress of boys through a sustainable module from age 7-18 years.

About Boys to Men Voyage Club (BTMVC)

The Boys To Men Voyage Club (BTMVC) by JSA is an all year round extra-curricular group coaching program  empowering boys from age 7 till their 18th birthday. Boys will be taken through different levels of the program every year where boys get to be groomed, empowered and equipped via relevant skills & resources that will shape them up to become purpose driven men and responsible father figures in their communities.


We foresee a future of Godly, Visionary and Phenomenal fathers creating a safer world for women and children


To renew the mindset of future men about the important role of fathers by grooming boys strategically and innovatively through effective personal development modules and skills training.


Excellence is the journey; Self - discipline is our vehicle
BTMVC Guiding Scripture
Philipians 4:13 : I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Core Values
Ethical Leadership
Forward Thinking
Personal Growth
Sense of Ownership
Key Focus Areas

Social Skills, Emotional Intelligence & Spiritual Growth

The Qualities A BTMVC Gentleman Must Possess
  • A BTMVC gentleman loves God, he is determined to obey God's commandments. He loves himself and does not tolerate disrespect from anyone, he is confident about his abilities and lives his purpose with deligence and consistency.
  • A BTMVC gentleman is a man of integrity, he has a healthy prayer life, he is a daily learner, he is humble, he is patient, loving and caring, he is an ethical leader, a problem solver and foward thinker, a home maker, a nation builder and preserver of nature.
  • A BTMVC gentleman impacts lives with his talent and skills. He is a supporter of gender equality; Ensuring fair opportunities for men, women and children.
  • A BTMVC gentleman makes mistakes, he takes responsibility for his actions and makes things right with God and man. He invests constantly in his personal development
The BTMVC Gentleman's Affirmation
I am known and loved by God. I am awesomely and uniquely made for excellence. I commit to playing my role to fulfil my God given purpose and destiny. I pledge to become an exemplary role model and father figure worthy of emulation. I am unfazed by challenges and setbacks that may arise in pursuit of my personal development.
My name is ................ I will do great and mighty exploits with the help of God.