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JSA has four (4) signature programs namely the JSA Behaviour Excellence Clinic, Future Men Bootcamp, JSA Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) project & Future Men Leading Change Dialogues.

Behaviour Excellence Clinic:
JSA is best known for its flagship brand known as JSA Behaviour Excellence Clinic (BEC), a 36 month personal development module aimed at coaching young change ambassadors to become highly accountable individuals, value-driven leaders and global citizens.
JSA has recently included girls in the BEC program to help girls appreciate their self-worth and to teach boys to respect the strengths and weaknesses of girls without looking down on them and vice versa. The BEC is the only JSA program that includes girls. All other programs are fixated only on boys.
JSA goes the extra mile to engage parents in a healthy discourse on how to address emerging crises regarding raising 21st century children through the Parents Forum.
JSA is taking the young ambassadors on a personal development journey. Children between 6-12 years are taught Godly Values, Problem Solving Skills, Advocacy Skills, Social Etiquette, Career Guidance, Sex Education, Emotional Maturity & Behaviour Change Advocacy.

Future Men Bootcamp:
A 1 week long transformative Summer Bootcamp programme aimed at equipping and raising young boys to acquire good behavioural values, social etiquette, communication skills, domestic skills, leadership skills, work ethic skills, Godly values and personal self-discovery.
JSA Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) project:
Humanitarian projects undertaken by JSA Ambassadors to solve issues affecting less privileged girls in society in fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Future Men Leading Change Dialogues:
A male youth only association geared towards inspiring and engaging male youth/boys in dialogues to identify and unravel issues affecting the future generation of men whiles solving problems facing women and girls globally to promote gender equality.